Presentations 2017

Day 1: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Climate change adaptation planning and adaptive capacity building in Nova Scotia; B. Vogel

The Role of Local Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation in the Cook Islands; D. de Scally

Actionable Data for Decision Processes: Breaking the Barrier for Decision-Ready Climate Analytics in Risk Reduction Programs - achievements and challenges associated with public-facing climate data portals; R. Rempel P. Eng., Dr. N. Comer

Evaluation of Three Canadian Municipal Climate Adaptation Methodologies; S. Waldman

Municipal Asset Planning Climate Adaptation Network (MAPCAN); B. MacArthur

100 Years Later - Revisiting the Halifax Explosion (Panel discussion); D. Etkin, M. Provost, Dr. J. Rozdilsky, Dr. D. Alexander, P. Goodyear, N. Chebroux

Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN); S. Durand

How Canada Manages Threats to Critical Infrastructure; K. Quigley

Improving Flood Risk Awareness to Drive Behavioural Change; S. Peddle

Federal Floodplain Mapping Guideline Series; P. McLeod

The Development of a Web-based Emergency Coastal Flooding Decision Support System; T. Webster

Rapid Risk Evaluator - Flood (ER2f): An Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Building Exposure and Flood Damage; H. McGrath

Understanding Canadian Coastal Municipalities’ Capacity of Response to Hazards; A. Lalancette

Integration Seaweed and Ocean Energy Farming and Beneficial Coastal reduction of Coastal Hazard through Damping Wave and Current; O. O Sulaiman

Planning for Sea Level Rise: Complexities with Managed Retreat and Coastal Adaptation; A. Rutledge

Coastal City Threats: How Vulnerable We Are!; K. Quigley, H. Ritchie, T. Webster, S. Guibault

Coastal City Threats: Get Outta Here!!; K. Quigley, A. Habib, S. Chang

Rapid Response Research in Canada; P. Kovacs, S. Guibault, Dr. T. McGee, Dr. J. McGee

Variability and Changes in Synoptic Extratropical Cyclones Over the Maritimes (eastern Canada) During Winter; P. Gachon

Earth Observation for Emergency Response to the 2016 Alberta Wildfires and 2017 Québec Flooding; The International Charter on Space and Major Disasters; S. Tolszczuk-Leclerc

Importance of "Near-Miss" events in Characterization of Extreme Weather Community Risks; S. Eng, R. Rempel

Supporting Community Psychosocial Recovery – Cross Sector Approach; A. Power, S. Sargent, A. Paul

Understanding Issues Faced by Residents of Fort McMurray during the 2016 Wildfire Evacuations: A Focus on the Muslim Community; A. Mamuji, Ph.D.

Participatory Process, Communicating Courageously and Resilience; J. Balabanowicz

Domestic Animals and Disaster Response; L. Davis, R. XXX

Preparing the Ark: Hazards and Animal Safety in Utqiagvik, Alaska; A. Garland

Day 2. Thursday, October 26, 2017

One Hundred Years of 'Disasterology' Looking Back and Moving Forward; Dr. D. Alexander

Implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Provincial Emergency Management Frameworks; T. McOrmond

Legal dimensions of DRR; T. McOrmand

O Ethics, Ethics, Wherefore Art Thou Ethics? How Risk Analyses by Emergency Management Organizations Fall; D. Etkin

Disaster Law - Implications for Practice; L. Anne Pierce, D. Bezeau

Introduction to the Canadian Public Safety Operations Organization (CanOps); J. Saunders

Business Continuity Planning & Natural Disasters: Mitigation, Response & Recovery; R. Smith

Insurer Role in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery; C. Stewart

Recovering from Fire at a Community Museum – Loss and Renewal; J. Dalley

Recognizing 100 Years of Giving Hope in the Midst of Disaster; P. Goodyear

Successes and Challenges of BC First Nations Emergency Management Programs; M. D'Aquino

Emergency Preparedness in Mi'kmaw Communities in Nova Scotia; A. MacLean-Hawes

Addressing the unique needs of First Nations children in emergencies; L. Archer, K. Zadnik, C. Linklater

Preparing Our Home; L. Yumagulova, K. Nelson, B. Williams

Perceptions of Risk, Communication, Interpretation, and Action in Social-Ecological Systems in Utqiagvik, Alaska; A. Garland

Evacuation intentions and actions during wildfires: Insights from the First Nations Wildfire Evacuation Partnership; T. McGee

Wildfire evacuation and emergency management in remote First Nations: The case of Sandy Lake First Nation, Northern Ontario; H. Asfaw

The Long Road Home: A Global Perspective on Evacuees; L. Durocher, T. Kuiack

First Nations Proposed Policy Suite for Disaster / Emergency Events; T. Kuiack

Aboriginal Disaster Resilience Planning - Project Update; B. Falloon

Young Professionals Panel Discussion: Developing the Emergency Management Professionals of Tomorrow; B. Falloon, J. Manz-Henezi, J. Lindsay

Lessons Learned from a Young Disaster Management Professional; D. Grant

Improving Community Resilience Through High School Community Service Hours; E. Gray, A. Dalley

Mandating Mitigation; J. Lindsay

Day 3, Friday, October 27, 2017

Citizen and volunteers contributions to DRR; M.C. Dore

Improving Volunteer Sector’s Contributions to Disaster Response: An Achievable Goal; M.C. Doré

How to Optimise Spontaneous Volunteers: Engagement Session; D. Rankin

Managing the impact of Those who Respond; P. MacKenzie

Caring for the Responders; P. Goodyear

Headlines and Trendlines in Disaster Management; E. Macgillivray

The Indigenous Peoples contributions to DRR; S. Lambert

A Guide for Displaced Indigenous Communities and Host Communities; L. Pearce, B. Murphy

Mutual Aid and Service Agreements: Wise Practices for First Nations Communities; L. Pearce, B. Murphy

The Canadian Wireless Public Alerting System; D. McArthur, C. Weeden

How Public Transportation Could Improve the Evacuation of the Halifax Peninsula; MD J. Alam

Disaster and Emergency Management in Higher Education - Content and Pedagogy; J. Slick, D. Etkin

Case-based Learning Design: Theory Meets Practice; J. Slick

Inter-professional Competencies for the Resilience Professional; R. Andrews

13 Habits of Highly Effective Catastrophic Planners; L. Yumagulova

Tools for Building Community Resilience and Capacity; E. Oldfield, C. Arseneau

Montreal resilience strategy; L. Bradette, J. Cotton

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