Posters 2017

Enabling Resiliency through Flood Risk Assessment; James Abraham

Floodplain Mapping – Geospatial Data Dissemination; A.Deschamps, P.McLeod, S.Trentin, M.Poirier

Public Safety Geoscience Program at Natural Resources Canada; N.L. Hastings, P. Hill, and M. Ulmi
Exploring Indigenous Resilience-Promoting Factors During and After a Disaster: A Scoping Review; J. Lemoine, R. Charchuk, T. McGee, N. Hollman, C. Wild, C. Nykiforuk, A. Christianson, S. Montesanti

Disaster Relief in Thailand: The Role of Amphibious Communities in Urban Health; A.D. Szeto

Insurance as a Tool for Hazard Risk Management? An Evaluation of the Literature; A.M. Savitt

Fostering Risk-informed Decision Making (RiDM): National Risk Atlas as an practical solution for integrating Risk Information; J. Yan

Amphibious Architecture Vietnam Program Evaluation, Monitoring and Learning Plan; A Users Model: S. van Zijll de Jong, B.Doberstein, L. Chan

Harnessing Technology to Narrow Groundwater Risk Management Gaps; S. van Zijll de Jong, H. Russell, M. Leybourne

The Science of Sharing Radioactive Mineral Risk Content: Mineral Exploration and Development Initiatives; S. V.Z. de Jong, M. Leybourne

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