CRHNet objectives

The primary objectives of the CRHNet are to:

Initiate the development of a Canadian inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral network of researchers, academics and practitioners to enhance understanding of emergency management in all dimensions and help build Canadian capacity to deal effectively with threats and consequences from all hazards.

Create a Canadian annual forum for dialogue focusing on disaster risk reduction and facilitate policy formulation and adoption of best practices in Canada.

Provide a Canadian venue to learn from the experiences of other countries by inviting internationally reputed scholars, practitioners, and participants to the Symposium and to share Canadian experience and efforts in disaster reduction.

Vision: CRHNet envisions a disaster and climate resilient Canada.

Mission: CRHNet brings together the disaster risk management community to increase resiliency through the transfer of knowledge, the building of relationships, and the exchange of best practices.

Values: Collaboration, Innovation, Diversity, Inspiration, Integrity, Respect, Transparency








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