CRHNet 2020 Symposium


Call for abstracts will be annouced in the near future. We will be fitting lots of information into these sessions and plan to have a variety of different formats.  Most sessions will be abridged versions compared to in person events..  

There are many changes with a virtual format, and hope to keep things moving and encourage engagement with our members and attendees. 

Format - We anticipate that this will be a series of four-six  sessions.  

Session Types

PICS Partnership Award Proposals


Call for partnered proposals to research climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives

Bio: Lambertus Struik 2019-06-06

This is for the 2019 Joseph Scanlon award

Program: MEOPAR Coastal Hazards and Risk Communication Forum

Friday, June 14 from 1:00 to 3:45 pm, in Victoria, BC, at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort

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