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The goal of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network is to create a safer and more resilient Canada. This can be accomplished if you join.

Help CRHNet develop a vibrant community of people, academics and practitioners, who mitigate risk and hazards and improve emergency and disaster management.

You can contribute and reap practical benefits.

You will be entitled to a reduced registration fee for the annual CRHNet conference, and depending on your type of membership, better access to the CRHNet member database.

Your membership directly helps CRHNet initatives to support students in the field of risk and hazard management.

Help make a safer Canada and a safer world.


Annual membership to CRHNet is available to students ($25), individuals ($50), academic institutions ($500) and organizations ranging from $500 to $25,000.

Membership year approximately covers the period from November 1 to October 31. The new membership year starts following the Annual CRHNet Symposium, and ends at the end of the next Annual CRHNet Symposium.

Please contact the Membership Coordinator for additional information.

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